New publications from our team

New publications from our team titled:

1) C.Christophoridis, A.Bourliva, E.Evgenakis, L.Papadopoulou, K.Fytianos (2019) Effects of anthropogenic activities on the levels of heavy metals in marine surface sediments of the Thessaloniki Bay, Northern Greece: Spatial distribution, sources and contamination assessment. Microchemical Journal Available online 12 June 2019, 104001. See more.

2) C. Christophoridis, A. Kosma, E. Evgenakis, A. Bourliva, K. Fytianos (2019) Determination of heavy metals and health risk assessment of cheese products consumed in Greece. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Available online 15 June 2019, 103238. See more.