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Public awareness

Public awareness


AUTH:  Project assesment of  “Chem Lab II” See the relevant article here.

Final Meeting in Thessaloniki 28-29/11/2013

The final meeting of the program was held at Grand Hotel Palace, 28-29/11/2013. The meeting was attended by invited participants from Germany , Georgia , Poland and Turkey

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22/11/2013 – Final Exams CHEMLAB II

Photos from training German and Greek students

Chemlab2 Info2013

Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation 2013

Τhe Final meeting of the CHEMLAB project will take place on the 28th and 29th of November 2013 in Thessaloniki in Grand Hotel Palace.

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18/11/2013 – Final Exams

The final examinations will take place at the lab, on the 18.11.2013 at 16:00

21/10/2013 – Practical examinations for the ECVET module

Practical examinations for the ECVET- Environmental Analysis module, were held on Monday 21st October 2013 in our lab, by German examiners, to the Greek students of the program and the Germans exchange students.

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Participation of Greek partner in International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment 2013

Education in Environmental Analysis – Leonardo da Vinci CHEMLAB II project CHEMLAB II Project, ICCE2013