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Σεμινάρια για προχωρημενες χρωματογραφικες μεθόδους

Προκήρυξη Προγράμματος «Σεμινάρια Κατάρτισης σε Προχωρημένες Χρωματογραφικές Μεθόδους Ανάλυσης Πόσιμου Νερού»

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Εγκατάσταση GX-271 ASPEC™ automated SPE system

10/01/2014 Pie cutting

Public awareness

Public awareness


AUTH:  Project assesment of  “Chem Lab II” See the relevant article here.

Envilab accessed in programme

Envilab team accessed to the programmε COST MC Member [ES1307 EL], COST Action ES1307 με τίτλο: Sewage biomarker analysis for community health assessment

Final Meeting in Thessaloniki 28-29/11/2013

The final meeting of the program was held at Grand Hotel Palace, 28-29/11/2013. The meeting was attended by invited participants from Germany , Georgia , Poland and Turkey

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New publication of the team: Mitsika, E., Christophoridis, C., Fytianos, K., (2013)

New publication of the team: Mitsika, E., Christophoridis, C., Fytianos, K., (2013) “Fenton and Fenton-like oxidation of pesticide Acetamiprid in water samples: Kinetic study of the degradation and optimization using Response Surface Methodology.” Chemosphere 93(9), 1818–1825

22/11/2013 – Final Exams CHEMLAB II

Photos from training German and Greek students