May 2012 – Train of the Trainers

The Environmental Group ENVILAB advancing the implementation of the program transmission of expertise CHEMLAB II, conducted the meeting “Train of the trainers” to inform employers and managers of each company on the objectives of the program and their participation in the program.

Members of the Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control (prof. Fytianos Konstantinos Dr. Christoforides Christoforos and Antoniou Kyriakos), visited the Freising in Munich, Germany, which held the inaugural meeting of the program CHEMLAB II.

The meeting was attended by all the project partners and held discussion on the formulation of the curriculum of the program, details of the practical 30 days program (ECVET Modules), technical details clarified and decided to record and update the candidate students, inform the  industries in which they work and negotiate about how education in the workplace and educational institution in each country separately, and decided the action plan for the next two years.