End of first year training course

Thessaloniki, 6.9.2012-19.11.2012

The lessons of the first year of the basic training  for Chemical Laboratory assistants were successfully completed and covered a broad scientific field of General and Basic Analytical Methods. The courses included daily tutorials during the afternoon, combined with practical exercises and problem solving.

Learners will be examined on the material that was taught on 10/12/2012 according to the German certification system in order to complete formally the first out of the two years of the program.

During the second year they will be trained thoroughly in various analytical methodologies and use of laboratory instrumentation for this purpose. Furthermore during the program they will be given the opportunity to make 2 monthly educational modules (ECVET modules) in the form of small laboratory thesis. The first will be performed in the Environmental Pollution Control Lab, AUTh and the other may be performed in one of the following laboratories:

  •  Laboratory for Wastewater Treatment and Control (Istanbul, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey)
  •  Laboratory of cosmetic analysis – University of Poznan (Poland)
  •  Laboratory of Food Analysis – (Technical University Munich, Garching)
  •  Biochemical and pharmaceutical analysis – University of Tbilisi, Georgia)

Travel and subsistence for the program one month (ECVET) will be covered by the Greek National Scholarships Foundation.