Intermediate Progress meeting CHEMLAB II – Istanbul, 26-27/2/2013

Prof. K. Fytianos traveled to Istanbul, along with Dr. Christophoros Christophoridis, to present the activities of the Greek side and plan the next steps of the project.

The outcomes of the meeting included a detailed presentation on the activities of all program partners (Poland: Dr Isabela Nowak, Georgia: Dr Khatuna Kakhiani, Turkey: Dr Adnan Aydin, Germany: PD Dr Thomas Letzel) and prepared a detailed design of the educational process for the last year educational program (advanced chemistry and environmental analysis).

The – so far- successful experience of Greece in training apprentices as well as the “Train the Trainers” course were described in detail.

Moreover, suggestions have been made about the internal program evaluation (questionnaires and consultations).

There were also descriptions of the process of e-learning Moodle, which will be based on the platform of all partners.

Finally, proposals were submitted on the progress of the certification process (Joerg Engelman, Dr Boguslaw Buszewski, Dr Ercan Mutlu) for the countries involved and the way in which the program will be sustainable after 2013, when the funding ends. The hospitality was excellent and included tours of the historic town and working lunches.

The historical main building of the University of Marmara (Area Sultanahmet) was used for the purpose of meeting.

The Laboratory of Pollution Control and Aristotle ENVILAB team would like to thank Prof. Aydin for their hospitality and wish to reciprocate at the end of 2013, when it will host the final meeting program.

CHEMLAB II in Greece