Greek Participation in the meeting of April 26, 2012 in Poznan, Poland


Greek Participation in the meeting of April 26, 2012 in Poznan, Poland

On April 26, 2012, a team member of our laboratory (C. Christoforides) along with a representative of the Association of Greek Chemists, asked in Poznan, Poland to participate in the meeting of the Certification CHEMLAB II of the project, held at the University of Poznan, Department Chemistry.

The main topics of duscussion were

  • to review the basic ideas and concepts of the specialty “Chemical Laboratory Technician”, based on the steps already taken
  • to determine the progress made in the field of certification program CHEMLAB II across Europe
  • review of status quo of partner countries in relation to the adaptation of national requirements regarding chemical education
  • give a brief lecture by each participant on the hitherto business participation,
  • to finalize the type and quality of the final and intermediate examinations of the participants, and the format of the examination
  • to discuss the platform for basic computing and English “Matheplus”
  • finding a way to ensure global recognition of a European certificate for CHEMLAB II
  • to present the ECVET system for credit recognition throughout Europe

The Chamber of Commerce of Germany undertook the coordination meeting (Jorg Engelmann and Alex Schraurer) together with the Polish side, and a fruitful discussion on the above points.

It was decided that all participants should register on the platform Matheplus to improve their knowledge of English and learn the use of an electronic platform for testing, similar to that developed for the needs of CHEMLAB II. In addition, participants were informed about the European Network of qualifications (EQF), which is accredited assessment body to varying degrees depending on the level of knowledge transfer and the course of study.

The Polish and Greek sides will communicate with the Ministries of Education in the country to participate in the ECVET system with national recognition. Regarding the educational component of the meeting, it was decided that most of the partners will begin classes until the end of May, to begin basic training in Chemical theoretical level.